An example of a proper resume of a dentist

Dentist - specializes in problems of the maxillofacial area and treatment of teeth. He knows their structure and the list of possible diseases. A dentist is a complex and multifaceted profession, with different areas of expertise: one doctor deals with dentures, another with preventive care and fillings.

How to write a resume of a dentist

Dentist resume sample to work in the clinic, you need to answer the questions that concern the employer. Brief, informative and on-topic talk about yourself: personal qualities, hobbies and interests, experience and professional skills. Sometimes ask for photos of your work.

  • Push important to the recruiter columns at the top of the form.
  • Describe in detail the experience and duties performed.
  • Always send a resume with a cover letter.
  • Ask for references from past jobs

Personal qualities for the job

Answer from a theoretical and practical point of view. Personal qualities and character traits should emphasize the professional bar.

  • Attentiveness.
  • Responsibility.
  • Accuracy to the eye and clarity to the hand.
  • Restraint, composure, and emotional stability.
  • Perseverance, patience.
  • Persuasiveness.
  • Friendliness, goodwill.

Professional skills and abilities

The list of skills is always subjective. Each applicant is better at what. But for employment in a high-paying job, push back on the requirements of the company.

  • Proficiency in hardware-based oral hygiene techniques.
  • Skill in working with a dental microscope
  • Experience with OPTG and radiovisiograph software.
  • Ability to restore all groups of teeth.
  • Instrumental treatment of teeth with ultrasound machines (as an additional skill)
  • Recommendations are welcome.

What a dentist without experience can do

The position of dentist is in demand in private and public clinics, so it is not difficult to find a job without experience. Modern dentistry has a wide range of activities: prosthetics, surgery, prevention and correction of bite.

A dentist is a doctor who treats and prevents diseases of the teeth, gums and mouth. Such specialists can also perform various cosmetic procedures (teeth whitening, etc.). Very often, members of this profession master several specializations at once. A dentist may simultaneously perform treatment (fillings, etc.), prosthetics, cosmetic and other procedures.