BetConstruct: a robotic arm as a dealer

BetConstruct: a robotic arm as a dealer

BetConstruct has just hit the live casino market hard. Indeed, it recently unveiled the Hands-Do robotic arm, designed in partnership with its subsidiary SoftConstruct. Through this innovation, we will be able to enjoy live tables in the future without a flesh and blood croupier.

Of course, this is not intended to replace traditional live games, but rather to create a new complementary offer. It has many advantages for publishers and should also attract technology-savvy players. Today, such a novelty can already be seen in the Bollywood casino.

BetConstruct: a robotic arm as a dealer

Live games for the same conditions as in a real casino

Back in the 2000s when Playtech software created the first live games in history, all these live tables were run by real live dealers. This allowed us to follow their movements as they handled the cards or tossed the ivory ball into the roulette wheel for example.

This way, we can enjoy the same playing conditions as in a land-based casino, which guarantees us the maximum thrill without the need to move. Then, some automatic roulette games appeared. In these, there is no longer a real dealer to manage our games, which therefore work automatically.

A technological innovation that offers multiple advantages

As human activities are increasingly automated in many areas and with the example of automatic roulette in mind, BetConstruct software in partnership with its subsidiary SoftConstruct had the idea of developing the Hands-Do robotic arm.

It must be admitted that the latter offers a lot of advantages for the software that will want to use it. Indeed, it is an innovative tool that prevents any human error and increases the accuracy of card distribution. Moreover, it allows publishers to offer more live games available 24/7, without increasing the number of their employees.

BetConstruct: a robotic arm as a dealer

While Hands-Do has been tested and works on baccarat and dragon tiger tables, it can easily be adapted to other classics. As a bonus, its design can be modified at will in order to adapt to any brand image.

This robotic arm should also appeal to a wide range of gamers who enjoy technological development. However, it is not intended to replace the tables run by real dealers. It should simply be able to offer a new type of complementary live games.