Italian style in the interior

An interesting style of interior design is the so -called interior made in the Italian style. Such a style is often called Mediterranean. Its mainly distinguishing line include the absolute absence of sharp jumps and the presence of all the main features of the paradise peninsula (which can not be said about the Japanese or Chinese style). The Italian style is 100% in accordance with the people who created it. It is exactly the same: calm and measured. It completely lacks sharp fluctuations and transitions. We must pay tribute to the fact that the Italians have always been distinguished by their own characteristics and liveliness, but still in the Italian style, the indigenous classic is guessed with their design and moderation. Stone and wood are the main materials when designing such a style, as it is believed that only with their help with their help It is possible to create the necessary atmosphere of comfort in the house. The construction of houses from such materials began in Tuscany. It is here that the homeland of houses made of these natural resources. Basically, trees such as pine and oak are used. This wood is used both in kind and with varnish processing. Modern materials and processing methods fit very poorly into the classic Italian design. This is easily explained by the conservative of the style. The main material used in this style is plaster in the Venetian style. She has a certain texture that creates the effect of manual design. The creation of an interior in the Italian style does not require great effort. At the same time, the effect will be amazing. In the interior in the Italian style, several types and types of material can be combined. For example, in addition to plaster, mosaics are used. It is especially characteristic of this style. You can use the mosaic not only in the bathroom, as it is mistakenly considered, but also in other rooms. This will help create an Italian interior throughout the house. Any mosaic of tiles with uneven edges and non -standard forms will be perfectly in harmony with the interior in the Italian style. In this case, there will be no way out of the classics. Even such elementary things as a countertop or apron can be made of mosaics. By the way, the apron is supposed to be decorated with painting. This is very characteristic of Italians. When creating the interior, the use of stone materials is permissible. But at the same time, it is necessary to observe the measure. Supporting the stone is used in the processing of fireplaces and all kinds of columns. It is applicable when decorating decorative stairs and arched openings. Natural stone is mainly used to create precisely the Italian style in the room of its own home. This can be explained by the fact that a simple apartment simply will not be able to absorb such materials. In houses with Italian style, stretch ceilings are used. Moreover, they can be both monophonic and decorated with various thematic patterns. The ceilings are also decorated with wooden beams. They must be dark and massive. Fizzslots