What should be a good boss? 5 main signs of an adequate leader

One of the reasons for leaving the company of many employees is a bad leader. With an inadequate and incompetent boss, it is impossible to work normally and develop, so employees simply run away. So what qualities are inherent in a good leader?
1. Knowing his job. Very important factor. There are no rare cases when they take a relative, friend familiar to leadership positions, etc., which are completely not understood in principles and specifics of work. With such a boss, it will be not easy for several reasons: first, the employee is not to commemorate with a difficult question or a problem, since the boss himself understands little in this matter, secondly, more temporary costs arises in the process of exchanging information.
2. Fair and responsible. A competent and good leader does not remove responsibility for mistakes and shortcomings of subordinates, since the last word is always followed by him, and in time to correct the situation - the responsibility of the head. The incompetence and absence of professionalism says the fact that he only suggests success, and the misses dumps employees.
3. Vigilant in relation to subordinates. It is important to relate to employees as living people who require care and attention, and not as just to resources that contribute to the achievement of the goal. For example, to give a vacuer in time when he is tired physically and morally, because the state of the employee affects its result. Or to switch the subordinate to perform another task in a timely task, so that no bit happens. And also competently motivate employees: the higher the area of ​​responsibility, the higher the payment of labor.
This approach to management is more effective, since the attentive boss, employees in difficult situations for the company will also go to the meeting.
4. Do not allow you to "sit on your neck." Vigilance and care of the head - this is definitely good. However, there must be a border between care and permissiveness. To avoid disclaimers in the team and working mode, the head can not be too soft. Otherwise, the result of the overall activity will not meet expectations. A good chief should not allow the abuse of subordinate ingots, finding and so on.
5. Orientate all team members equally. Only the result of their work must be influenced by the evaluation of the staff, and not the personal preferences of the chief. Imprivities are the important quality of the leader and the head of the organization. А вы знали, что бывают деловые проститутки? https://sex-tumen.prostitutki72.com Частные объявление индивидуалок.