How to bet on the highest odds in Mostbet AZ

Fans of tennis betting will certainly enjoy the “high odds” game strategy, which will be discussed below.

The meaning of the strategy

The essence of this strategy is that bets should be made not on a tennis player’s clear victory, but on a victory with an exact score in sets, blocking all possible options for this tennis player to win in different bookmakers.

The advantage of the strategy is that the player has the opportunity to bet at a higher odds, which means more profit

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How the strategy works

In the bookmaker Mostbet AZ P1 is estimated at 1.40 odds. But there is an opportunity to win at higher odds if we are confident that Berdych Tomas will win. In tennis, there can be only two options for the victory of this tennis player - 2:1 or 2:0. Our task is to find the highest odds for 2:1 and 2:0. In the Pinnaclesports bookmaker, the score 2:1 is quoted with a coefficient of 3.80, and in the WinLineBet bookmaker, the outcome of 2:0 is estimated at a coefficient of 2.25.

The total probability of two outcomes 2:0 and 2:1 will be the following: 1/3.80 1/2.25 = 0.263 0.444 = 0.707, i.e. 70%. This is the same as a factor of 1.43 since 100%/70% would be around 1.43. And the odds of 1.43 are higher than the odds of 1.40 offered for a clear win by Berdych Tomas.

After we have found high odds for the victory of the selected tennis player with the exact score, and made sure that such bets are more profitable than bets on a clear victory, we need to calculate the size of the bets on each of the two outcomes. Simply put, determine how much you need to bet on a 2:0 Berdych Tomas victory and how much on a 2:1 victory.

To do this, we use the formula: X1 = S × K2 / (K1 × K2 - K1 - K2) and X2 = X1 × (K1 - 1) - S. In this formula, S is the amount that the player wants to win, X1 is the amount of the bet on score 2:1, X2 - the amount of the bet on the score 2:0, K1 - the odds of the outcome 2:1, K2 - the odds of the outcome 2:0. Let S be $100, K1 $3.80, K2 $2.25.

X1 = 100 × 2.25/ (3.80 × 2.25 – 3.80 – 2.25) = 90;

X2 = X1 × (K1 - 1) - S = 90 × (3.80 - 1) - 100 = 152;

It turns out that in order to make a profit of $100, we need to bet $90 on the 2:1 account and $152 on the 2:0 account. If we bet all the money on a clear win, that is, $242 (90 152), then we would win $96.8, since 242 × 1.40 - 242 = 96.8. As we can see, thanks to the strategy, the player can win $3.2 more, and the effectiveness of the “high odds” strategy will be even more noticeable if you find higher odds to win with an accurate score and bet large amounts.

According to this strategy, it is extremely important to bet in bookmakers with very high odds, so Mostbet AZ is ideal here.